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A Woodstock Camera Club local field trip July 9, 2011

Some folks from our local camera club organized a local field trip with a BBQ later in the day and it was a well accepted enjoyable day. We visited several locations to shoot images and we would like to feature a few here with todays post. This will be the first of three groups of images and we would also like to point out that ‘all’ of the images in the 3 groups have been digitally altered in some fashion. Please feel free to comment on any of the images that follow – it’s easy to do by using the Contact Us form and just so you know, your e-mail address is never public. Enjoy our short field trip in Oxford County.


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Image group Two from our WCC road trip.

At this stop we turned our attention to some rather rugged landscape that more often than not will yield some great photographs. Here are several images from this area that were altered to make them different from the normal.

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WCC Image grouping three.

These images are the last from our camera clubs July 9/11 field trip and as we talked about earlier all of them have been digitally altered in some way. Enjoy them and please feel free to comment on any of the images.

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