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McCaigs Tower

McCaigs Tower

This time around we would like to show you an image that was shot during a trip to Scotland in September of 2010. We spent nearly two weeks in Scotland along with a group of great people all of whom were there for the same reason, to tour the country and take advantage of the vast photographic opportunities that were presented to us. There will be many more images from Scotland to come in the near future.

We would also wish to point out that this image which is called McCaigs Tower is located near Oban Scotland and it is one of the photographs that I have used to create a Fine Art Print which can be viewed over under Image Art and is called McCaigs Tower in Oban Scotland. Feel free to check it out anytime.

Jerry Cornell

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A bit of a late nighter

Hi guys,

We thought we would pass on our new website address to a number of friends and associates asking for their thoughts, input and comments on our site, and we are sure to ask many others as we go along the same questions – because other ideas and opinions mean a lot to us.!

We would like to thank those who responded (you know who you are) and as you can see we made some changes that have made a big difference..

Thanks, :-)






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Hello Folks

Half Dome South

Hello folks.

This website is a new venture for us and our intentions are to couple a photographic website with a blog within it so we can have site updates once or twice a week. This will give visitors and hopefully a few followers a chance to see new images or digital art and be able to comment as well. Note.! We are in the process of creating a Fine Art Print using this image so please call back soon and check for it under Image Art.


In this post we would like to present an image called Half Dome South, which was shot in Yosemite National Park in California in April of 2008. Half Dome is the name of the mountain and I guess, “the name says it all”.


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